About Us


From my days as a tumbling tot, my interest in the beauty realm was always present. Whether I was putting on my mom’s red lipstick on my lips (and the surrounding furniture) or dressing my Barbie dolls in the latest outfits . . . I was enamored by the world of beauty. Some of my favourite memories are of my mom getting ready for the special event we were going to attend that night. Watching her go from mom, to supermodel mom was amazing. With a swipe of her mascara, or a little dab of gloss, she added the little extra “oomph” to an everyday look.

I also grew up watching movies from the 70’s and 80’s; movies in which the women wore thick winged liner and had big voluminous hair. These women held themselves with pride and grace, and while they did not have the vast variety of products available to us today, they managed to look stunning everyday. From these women, I learnt that every woman has a special spark of beauty inside of her and that while people have their own definitions of beauty, I learnt that every woman is beautiful no matter what her shape or size. With this mantra in mind, I strive to combine what my clients want, with that extra va-va-voom that they’ve always desired.

Along with the Beauty and Bridal makeups that I love doing, I also like to experiment with different techniques and methods of makeup application, such as Airbrush. I especially enjoy working on creative projects.

I look forward to working with you!

– Bandana (Dana) Seehra

Education :

Graduated – Blanche Macdonald 2012, Freelance Makeup Diploma

Graduated – John Casablancas Institute 2013, Hair Art Design

> Top Student Award, Hair Art Design